The increasing number of patients with failed organs like kidney, liver, heart, and pancreas requiring organ transplantation from deceased donors with healthy organs necessitate the establishment of an efficient organ transplant center that can handle this great number of patients. And despite the great efforts of doctors and nurses at the Organ Transplantation Center at Namazi Hospital, a large number of patients are still awaiting their turn to receive transplantation.Aiming to solve this problem, with the grace of God, we have established Middle East’s greatest, largest, and best equipped organ transplantation center “Abu Ali Sina Organ Transplantation Center”, which is going to be not only a transplantation center, but a research, educational, and healthcare facility striving to excellence and advancement in medical science offering great benevolent assistance and excellent practices to patients with organ transplantation needs.


Liver Transplantaion(Partial,Sipilit,Decead donor (whole organ), Domino), Kidney Transplantaion, Pancreas Transplantaion, Multi visceral Transplantaion , Small bowl Transplantaion Urology.CancerDentistry and oral surgery DermatologyDiabetes Digestive diseases Ear, nose, and throat Emergency medicine Epilepsy Heart disease Hypertension Infectious diseases.


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