Iran desert tours let you experience and embrace the magnificent beauty of Iran deserts, through a variety of outdoor activities. Iran is a land of stunning landscapes and spectacular wildlife. Iran desert tours and desert safari explores some of the most remote areas of this fascinating land — areas rarely explored by others, making this a true journey of discovery. From the dunes of Lut (Dasht-e Lut) to the dramatic Kalouts of the Shahdad, we can adapt your trips to your personal needs, and desires. Iran desert safari and desert trekking are led by highly skilled and qualified guides with an incredible passion for the natural regions in which they work and a vast knowledge of the history and culture of Iran.

Certainly, Mahaam puts your safety and enjoyment first. Either for family, groups or private travelers. We guarantee excellent value for money on all our tours and are only too pleased to cater for the individual needs of each of our guests. Our approach is intimate. So, we work closely with you. Learning about your style, interests, and temperament, to craft a perfectly tailored experience. That’s why you’ll see us offer events and experiences that are totally unique. We’re creating them ourselves and our staff gives us unmatched capabilities in this regard. We can’t make the sunshine or the rainfall, but we can promise to do everything in our power to ensure an unforgettable and exceptional trips.

Enrich your knowledge and experiences in life with our Iran desert trekking.

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