There are numerous advanced and super specialized hospitals in Iran; Facilities and medical advancement in Iran has been the cause of travelling of many people from neighboring countries to Iran. In the past year, over 400,000 guests traveled to Iran for medical treatment.

The latest and newest medical technologies can be found in the specialized and super specialized hospitals, clinics and also health centers in Iran. Concerning the high population of rich and middle class and their importance to the beauty and treatment in Iran, even the small clinics are equipped with the most updated instruments and equipment existed in the most advanced centers in the world. 

Iran is one of the top 5 countries in molecular biotechnology in the world. Iran is a pioneer in health & scientific development in the region and has high power and also capabilities in the fields of infertility treatment, therapy by the stem cells, dialysis, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery and ophthalmology.

The private hospitals in Iran are of a very high quality as well. Most of them which have the IPD (International Patient Department) license, have the necessary world-class standards for delivering health and medical services to the patients. The distinguished and significant points about private hospitals in Iran are that these places have the separated departments for providing the services to the international patients, serving foreign patients as guests in a special way and in equipped rooms using experienced and trained personnel who have the intercultural competency and the authentic certificates. Personnel of these hospitals are also familiar with English, Arabic and Russian languages.