Gandi Hospital is the first hotel-hospital in Iran, one of the new and private hospitals. In Gandhi Hotel-Hospital, the quality of the provided services to the patients and their families and members  is the most important parameter. In this regard, we find it incumbent on ourselves to provide a distinct and comfortable atmosphere for the clients. in Gandhi Hotel-Hospital the quality of services to the patients and their families and partners is of the highest priority for us. Gandhi complex is not just an ordinary hospital founded for simple residency of the patients, but established to welcome clients searching for unique therapeutic and health services not only from within the country but also from all around the world.

In this center services are provided exclusively and distinctively. 24-hour emergency and other specialty and sub- specialty departments provide services distinctively. It is worthy of mentioning that being in accordance with highest international standards in medical equipment and therapeutic and comfort principles are but some unique features of the complex. All the staff in the department are among the bests. These professionals aim to provide the best services for the  patients. The International reception takes places through the international patients department from  the very beginning of your entrance or even before that. All the procedures pertained to international patients such as outpatients’ reference reception,hospitalization and discharge are carried out in IPD.

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