Alborz hospital, located in Tehran, with the cooperation of Dr. Ardeshir Babak Samiee, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Lashkari, Dr. Naser-e-Etefagh, Dr Javad Hedayati and Dr. Abolghasem Mostofi and Dr. Ezatallah Hazrati with 80 beds, having Accident and emergency (A&E), Maternity, Radiology General Surgery department, Pediatrics Unit and laboratory established in 1342. Gradually, with the advancement and rapid growth of healthcare in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the hospital started equipping and updating the devices and developing the departments, and the super specialty departments, emergency departments, endoscopy, spinal surgery, shoulder surgery and knee surgery has launched.

In addition to the routine imaging equipment, the ultrasound department with the latest diagnostic techniques has been launched.

It is worth noticing that the CCU and ICU with the latest equipment and also with 8 available beds for each one, after reconstruction and rehabilitation of the hospital building approved by the related assistant director of the university is active for meeting all patient and clinician needs in diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapies.