Jam Hospital is one of the old and private hospitals in Iran that began working in 1968. The presence of distinguished professors, experienced and committed staffs and consultant doctors make Hospital as a referral center. The mission of hospital is to provide highly specialized health services for diagnosis and treatment patients. Jam hospital is one of the referral canters in Tehran, and patients from different cities of Iran as well as neighboring countries are referred to this hospital for their treatment. Jam hospital is the first private hospital in Iran, and first hospital in Tehran that begin Cytoreductive surgery and Hipec program. Hipec program started in 2015, and with a rising grow it is now the most important center in Iran. The Jam Hospital has a great history and reputation .Jam Hospital is exclusively in possession of 11 CCU beds, and 5 ICU and Open-Heart Surgery beds and 8 CCU beds. It has also 6 active operation rooms which are prepared to accommodate the honorable patients using modern equipment.

Some goals:

  • Admitting the patients in possession of (primary and supplementary) insurance and the patients enjoying no insurance (free admission);
  • Admitting and treating foreign patients (tourism therapy) and utilization of electronic services such as Master Card and VISA Card;
  • Employing advanced medical equipment along with modern technology of the world;
  • Providing treatment services drawing upon universal standards as soon as possible with the charge less than the similar private centers;
  • Offering treatment service in a friendly environment while respecting patients’ rights; and,
  • Making arrangements for benefit of hotels and  travel  agencies for convenience of out-of-capital and overseas patients.

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