Department of Anesthesiology and Special Care

Providing modern services using the latest equipment in the world, along with preserving the dignity of patients, has been the most important achievement of the anesthesia group of the contracting hospitals, so that the results can be clearly heard and touched by the patients.

In-room service

Includes anesthesia in the General Operating Room, anesthesia in the operating room for oscopy, anesthesia in the heart surgery room, and Pain Management Services. Anesthetics for ECT are also one of the things that are performed in the operating room. The IVF surgery room is also controlled by anesthetists. Anesthesiology group is constantly striving to provide the highest quality anesthetic services with a view to improving the quality of services offered in the presence of in-service training for specialists and personnel in the sector and utilizing the latest standard equipment in the world.

Out-room services

This kind of service has a special spreading scope in the hospital, most notably the monitoring and regular attendance of anesthesiologists in special sectors. Aggressive procedures include mechanical ventilation, catheterization types, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, including anesthesia department operations in ICU wards of the hospital.

One of the other out-room anesthetist’s services is an abstinent childbirth delivery, and an ongoing presence at the time required in the delivery section.

Anesthesia in the imaging part (MRI, CT, etc.), the permanent presence of specialists in the emergency department and the normal departments of hospitals is within its scope. Postoperative analgesic monitoring is also an anesthetic service outside the operating room.


It is our pleasure to take advantage of the most modern equipment and drugs in Iran. But along with these equipment, machinery and monitoring are in the forefront, and their use can significantly improve the quality of service to the patients. Among these modern equipment are:

  • Trans cranial oximetry
  • Monitoring the depth of anesthesia and central nervous system monitoring during brain surgery (IONM)
  • Types of heart rate control equipment and related parameters
  • Trans-esophageal echocardiography