Reducing Sweating Using Laser

One of the common methods in sweating reduction is to inject Botox and exploit laser. Botox injection is mostly applicable in reducing excessive sweating in the armpit and palm area. The injection takes place in one session and will last for 6-8 months. laser medicine is another new technique for sweating reduction in the armpit area. This method is very alike liposuction by laser medicine. In this method, the sweat glands under the armpit area are aimed. While the treatment, some thin cannulas are used to transfer laser energy to skin layers and to safely reduce the number of active sweat glands.

Advantages of sweat reduction using laser medicine

  • This method results in a sweat reduction rate of 50 to 70 percent.
  • Its result can be achieved quickly.
  • It is the least invasive method (less recovery time).
  • Since the heat generated by the laser encloses the end of blood vessels, there will be less bruise than the other conventional methods which accompany destroying the sweat glands.

After sweat reduction using laser medicine

While treatment, a 2 millimeter cannula containing the fiber optic laser gets inserted under the skin in the intended area. The fat layers will be pulled aside by laser and the sweat glands will be exposed to the ray. This treatment method takes half an hour to an hour. Due to small size of cannula, the resultant wound would and recovery time remains the least and one can leave the clinic, 30 minutes after the treatment. Sweating reduction will be visible immediately but the final result will be achieved by 2 to 4 weeks after the treatment.