Removing Pubic Hairs with Laser

Removing pubic hairs with laser is a medical solution in which a laser ray is used to remove the pubic hairs. In this method, the rays are radiated on the hair follicles in a totally concentrated way. The melanin (pigment) in the follicle absorbs the light and hence gets damaged and this prevents future growth of the hair.

This is one of most common plastic surgeries performed in the world. Removing the hair for people with light skin and dark hair will lead to the best results. Usually a lot of sessions are needed to remove hairs from a wide area of the body. Sometimes, periodical treatments might be needed.

In this center, we use the Candela Alexandrite laser device to remove or decrease the hairs that is suitable for all kinds of skin. This device is known as on the most effective and efficient laser systems in the market and also is a golden standard in lasering the hairs that leads to satisfactory results, even for dark and tanned skins. One of the exclusive characteristics of this device, compared to the other similar ones, is that it is equipped with a Candela DCD system that contains a cooling spray that gets sprayed on the skin, before every laser shot. This technique makes the patient more convenient and also reduces pain and burning and also prevents spots and burning of the skin as a result of lasering.

Another one of the most successful laser therapy systems in the workd for removing the pubic hair is the Vectus laser diode. In the laser center of Sun Eye, this device is also used to remove the pubic hair. This device is the newest and most advanced American laser diode with many capabilities, including short preparation time and a reduction in treatment period, more than 75 percent.

The diode of Vectus automatically changes the calibration according to the skin color and using the pulse width and optimized energy, maximizes the laser effect. The wavelength of the device is 800 nm, that is also suitable for dark skins, due to high permeation and minimum refraction in this wavelength.

Advantages of removing hair with laser

Lasering is applicable for removing hair from face, chin, arms, legs and other parts of the body. Lasering the pubic hair done by skilled specialists will have a more long-term results compared to electrolyze, epilation, shaving, etc. Other advantages of this method include:

  • Accuracy: laser can aim the dark and thick hairs selectively, while keeping the surrounding skin intact.
  • Speed: any pulse of the laser acts in a fraction of a second and within such short time, it can remove some hair. Small areas like philtrum can be treated in less than a minute, while vast areas like waist or legs may take up to an hour.
  • Predictability: averagely, 90 percent of the patients will experience permanent disappearance of the hairs.

Before lasering the hairs

Lasering may not be only for the pubic hair. This a medical method which requires training and also involves some potential dangers. You have to check the validity of the doctor or technician who is going to perform laser treatment.

The performance of Cendela Alexandrite laser device does not depend on the hair length, due to its high power and the laser type it uses which is specific to be absorbed by hair’s melanin, and you can use whatever method which does not involve pulling the hairs from root. In case that you’re planning to remove your hair with laser, you’ll have to limit the methods of removing hair by roots to the time period of 3-4 weeks before treatment. Since laser aims the root of hair and by epilation or electrolyzing, the hair roots are destroyed temporarily. In the meantime, you can use the shaving method or use hair remover creams or any other method which remove the hair just from the skin surface.

You have to also avoid being exposed to sunlight (as suntan) for six weeks before and after the treatment. Being exposed to sunlight increase the probability of occurring side effects after the treatment.

During lasering the hairs

Before the treatment, the laser system gets tuned according to the color, thickness and location of the hairs, and also the skin color. Based on the laser source being used, you and the doctor or the technician have to use eye protectors.

Candela Alexandrite laser devise is equipped with an exclusive cooling system of DCD which is sprayed on the skin before every pulse of the laser to cool it down. This also enables the laser to permeate easily into skin. Moreover, by using the cooling spray, the risk of any damage to the skin or any side effects reduces to the minimum.

Each session, based on the area under treatment, may take a few minutes to an hour. When the lasering is done, you might be given anti-inflammatory creams or lotions or ice pack. The session periods are set every 4 to 6 weeks.

After lasering the hairs

In early days after the treatment (first and second sessions) hairs’ growth might be even more than before, which is totally normal. But after a week or two, the hairs undergone treatment will start to fall. Until about 4-6 weeks later on, a new group of hairs will appear. These hairs grow significantly slowly. Also less follicles appear and the hairs will be thinner and softer than before. Later treatments will complete the result and reduce the hair growth permanently.

After treatment, you should use anti-inflammatory and sunscreen creams. The anti-inflammatory cream should be used for at most 24 hours after the treatment and the sunscreen cream should be used for 2-3 weeks after treatment three times a day.