Thoracic Surgery Group

The Department of Thoracic Surgery Hospital is a coherent, strong and dominant group of modern surgical procedures for chest pain. Major surgeries of the lungs, esophagus, mediastinum, trachea, chest wall and diaphragm are appropriately and sufficiently performed by this group.

The use of endoscopic and thoracoscopic equipment as well as bronchoscopic interventions are carried out continuously with good control by the Torax surgery team.  Advanced thoracoscopic surgeries have been performed at this facility, such as lobectomy via one port or multiple ports, timektomy and mediastinal tumor. Also extensive exertion of thoracic surgeries is performed by the team, including esophagectomy, resection of chest wall tumors, mediastinal thoracic resection, pleuroctomy and extrarral pneumonectomy (EPP).

The cost of treatment for thoracic surgery is in accordance with the tariffs of the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is much cheaper and more cost effective than the treatment costs in neighboring countries.