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Stages of treatment of foreign patients in Iran by Mahaam agency

First stage:

-Record the patient’s request and profile and send it to the Mahaam agency ( Directly or by broker company)

– Filing document for patients by Mahaam agency

– Familiarity of patients with the capacity and service of Mahaam agency

Second stage:

– Checkup of patients’ registered applications by Mahaam agency- Provide patient and brokerage companies with reports and advisories required by Mahaam agency

– Providing tourism services and packages to patients for choosing health and tourism services

Third stage:

– Provide the final invoice to the patient or brokerage companies

– Receive a payment from a patient or a broker company

– Provide receipts to a patient or broker by Iran4Tour tour & travel agency

– Providing health and treatment services to patients based on agreements with the patient or brokerage firms