Moheb hospital is one of Iranian pioneers in serving foreign patients as a routine service. Since 2004, there were patients coming around the world mostly for Kidney transplantation and urology non-invasive surgeries. Soon the good result of surgeries fascinate patients. Because all the thing a patient wants is a high quality care, comfortable hostelling and reasonable prices. Moheb had all these items and this made Moheb a trusted destination for patients. After a while, Moheb had increased the range of services and complete the diagnostic services which all lead to a good result for the patients.

Even with quality awards, Moheb is proud of results of its treatments for patients.With collaboration by an academic hospital, Moheb has the experience of more than 3000 kidney transplantation, 3900 open heart surgery, and 29000 angiography and angioplasty with world class quality indexes. This is also the subject of many scientific medical articles too. With over 600 beds across 3 hospitals within Iran and a significant presence at every touch-point of the medical value chain, the Moheb Hospitals Group is one of the largest healthcare groups in Iran. Commenced as a 174 bed hospital, today the group has grown exponentially in Iran.

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