Chalnkhjir Cave

The cave is located in the city between Naragh and Delijan in the central province of iran.

This cave is located in the middle of the road to Naragh, in a region called Chalnkhjir, and on the slopes of the Koh takht(Takht Mountain). The cave was discovered in the year of 1989 in the hands of Naragh’s shepherds. The cave is estimated to be about 70 million years old and is considered a part of the calcareous and living caves of the world. It is said that at the end of the cave there is a lake that can be sailing, but not generally identified. This cave was registered on the Iranian national list in 2005.

Root name

The name of the cave has been taken from a region called Chalnakhjir. In the past people also remembered the cave called “Huhu”

Discovery History

By the year 1988, in the Chalnkhjir area, people who went to the area to collect medicinal herbs and hunts, heard the sound of a horrible noise in the cave wall, and they did not get close to the area. On the mountain where the cave is located, there are traces of the old cave that has not been left of the ceiling and walls. The Chalnkhjir Cave was discovered by the Water Organization of Delijan in late 1988 in an explosion near its mouthpiece.

For the first time in 1988, a cave called Kamran Soleimani,he went up to a depth of 500 meters, but was forced to return because of the ending of the yarn. A year later, in 1989, three cavemen entered the cave to discover more. The Chalnkhajir Cave was registered in 2005 by the Heritage Cultural Organization (No. 13814) in the national Iranian book List.

Geographical location

Chalnkhjir Cave is near the Jasb’s wildlife shelter 8 km east of Delijan and 3 km distance from Deligan asphalted road – Naraq and is located on the slopes of the low-altitude mountain range and has a geographic coordinates of 50 degrees, 45 minutes 55 seconds east longitude and 34 degrees 2 minutes and 14 seconds north latitude. The cave is located within a low altitude mountain called “Koh Takht”. The closest villages to the cave are the three villages of Karogan, Vestgan, and Harazjan.


The level is eaten on the ceiling of the cave

A view of the karst region of Warren

This cave is located in the Karst Warren area.