Yakh Morad Cave

It is located near the village of Azadbar and the old village of Gachsar and Chalous Road. This cave is within the province of Alborz and is a natural attraction of Alborz province. The entrance to the cave is located at the altitudes of the mountains of the region, and the path of the cave is generally steep and downhill, which ultimately confronts the depths of the mountain with frozen springs on the ground floor and sponge caves stalactites.

The height of the cave is about 2640 meters above sea level and the entrance of the cave is three meters wide and eight meters high. In the months of February and March, the beautiful cresset caves are in the best condition.

The striking feature of this cave is that it is less visible in the caves of Iran. In the part of the four-floor cave with a height difference of more than 30 meters.