Desert shahdad

Address: Shahdad – Kerman –Iran

Shahdad Desert, located on the western edge of the Lut plain and in the east of the Kerman Mountains, it is dry area, rain zone that does not exceed 4.5 millimeters annually, many experts believe this region is the hottest spot in the world.

Shahdad Kerman Desert is one of the most beautiful desert landscapes in the desert of Lut. This desert is unrivaled due to the tallest sand dunes – unique klute and saline river in the world – and it can be said that this is the most beautiful desert in the world, and its unique clutches make this area an exhibition of deserts.

Shahdad is parts of Kerman province in Iran. This area is located 87 km north-east of Kerman city. Shahdad with a historical name of Khabis and a population of 24,000 people, located 70 kilometers north-east of Kerman, is located in the central western Luttian peninsula and is the largest part of Kerman province. The ancient city of Shahdad with a 6000 year oldness was discovered in 1968 by the explorers of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization. The site is named after the historical, ancient and industrial sites of Arata.