Mesr desert

Address: village of mesr – Khor and Biabanak 60 km north of khor not far from Farokhei- Isfahan-Iran

Egypt’s desert, located just 60 km north of khor, is located in the middle of the Damghan road to Nain and Isfahan. This beautiful desert, located in the heart of mesr’s historic village, is one of the most popular choices for the Deserter, which want to have a dreamy and enjoyable journey and use the various tours that have been made for this desert. The whole excitement is waiting for you on this journey, riding a camel and off-road around to watch your unbeatable stars at night.

Mesr (former names: Chah deraz, Kalateh Yusuf, Yusuf Farm) is a village of the city of Khore and Biabanak in Isfahan province. The village is located in the Iran’s desert, 45 km east of Jandag and 60 km north of the Khor. The village of mesr or the mesr desert is located right in the middle of Damghan to Nain and Isfahan.

The mesr  village has a supermarket with global electricity, drinking water, telecommunications and cellular antennas. There are many mosquitoes in the area that it is suggested to use a mosquito net if you are allergic or carry the appropriate ointments. If you go out for photography, you can scan away from the observation site 2 to 3 thin areas with a solution of burned oil Create gasoline to reduce the chance of scorpion picking. And it is imperative that you have a first aid box with you and if you go far beyond your friends and relatives, you’ve been notified about it.