Rig-e sokhte(Gandom beryan)

Address:   80 km north of Shahdad- Kerman –Iran

Rig-e sokhte or Gandom beryan is a function of Shahdad and in the heart of the Lut Desert.

The existence of the wheat barium region of Shahdad as the hottest spot in the world and one of the most amazing attractions in the world. The entire surface of the wheat barley or wheat bran are covered with rocks and lava, and the blackness of the surface of the earth and the strange shapes of rocks that cause more sunlight and excessive temperature rise make it different from other parts of the world. Who is known for the “Moon of the Earth”. The temperature in the wheat barium shahdad area reaches about 70 degrees in summer, and this temperature is more and more variable in areas with darker soil. This area will become paradise in winter and early spring, and tourists can easily visit it without worry.