Latton waterfall (Barzau)

Address: Kotah Komeh village, 15 km south of Astara city, Astara, Gilan – Iran

The approximate height of the Latton Waterfall is 105 meters, which is considered to be the highest waterfall in Gilan and Iran. In addition to the main waterfall, another waterfall is located 10 meters above sea level, 65 meters high, and its overflow is wider than the main waterfall. At the top of the big waterfall of Latton, there are three large natural ponds with three waterfalls that they are10-meter height and unique in Latton area.

The distance from the village of Kotah Komeh to the waterfall is about 6 km, which is about 750 meters in length during this 3-5 hour period.

The climbing path of the waterfall is a hillside forest that is beautiful along the path of many springs with cool blue and drink. The end of the route also has a dangerous and deadly abyss. The waterfall is visible from a distance of 500 meters.

On the sidelines of this waterfall, one of the most beautiful and densely populated forests of Guilan, with plenty of plum trees, pears, walnuts, hazelnuts and wild apples, this maintains its greenery and beauty for 9 months.

Animal diversity around the waterfall can also be noted for wolves, boars, bears, hedgehogs, horses, cattle, and others.

The source of the waterfall

This cascade originates from the slopes of the eastern mountains Spinase “Spinha” and flows into the Lundville River, which extends 17 kilometers from Spina Mountain, and steers steeply towards Kotte Kome and Lundwill and finally enters in to Caspian Sea.