Saravan Forest Park

Address: 17 km far from Rasht- Gilan- Iran

Saravan Forest Park Saravan Forest

Saravan Forest Park is one of the oldest forests in Gilan, which is unique in terms of having diverse plant species in the country and even in the world. The Caspian region of this forest park is important because of the rare herbaceous species of genetic reserves and unique landscapes. The existence of various tree species such as the Gospel, Willow, Pussy, Forest Powder, Wisteria, has created a special coating which is attracting tourists and can be used by researchers and academics of natural resources science. The General Directorate of Natural Resources of Gilan province provided a comprehensive plan for the maintenance and restoration of the park, the general plan of which is referred to it by the General Directorate.

Saravan Forest Park (Comprehensive plan)

This area is in fact the oldest part of the province’s forests, which in the past several years have been cut, exploited and reforested, so that about 25 years ago most of the area was planted  and in recent years, part of the planting age has been exploited and has been cut down through the Natural Resources Department of Gilan province and has been forested.

The forest park is located in the western part of Rasht Road to Tehran, 17 km from the center of the province. The northern and southern length of its forests is 6700 kilometers and its average width is 2 kilometers in the east-west direction.


It is an area with a total area of 1,487 hectares, of which the protected area was 210 hectares and 521 hectares of extensive outing, and 756 hectares have centralized recreational capacity. The height of the plan is from the sea level of 50 to 250 meters.

The limits of the province

The length of the longitude is “49 37’ 30” to 30’490, and the geographical latitude is 3705’35” to 3737’12”. The Police Station and Police Station are located within less than 100 meters of the park.

Attractions in the project:

The attractions of this area can be distinguished by the special natural features and location of the land and the shape of the land in different parts of it, which includes different landscapes. There are also special spots in the park that give rise to spatial and natural views, the existence of the Sefidrud River and the Siaahrud river on the eastern side are among the other attractions of the region. Various birds and animals, such as pheasants, woodpeckers, forest owls, rabbits, weasel, and many reptiles and insects in this area. On the abundant historical value (Caravanserai Lot), known as the Shah Abbas Caravanserai, within 10 km of Saravan Forest Park, the tomb of Imamzadeh Hashem is one of the most visited religious places in the province and altogether, out of 17 villages in the scope of the plan, 8 villages have religious sites that are of interest to villagers and residents of other parts of the city. The existence of the weekly markets is one of the economic and social characteristics, and in these markets the exchange of goods and services and the production and sale of handicrafts takes place, as well as holding of a gilan’s man wrestling and horse riding ceremony and it is other local traditions of the region from other interesting characteristics of Saravan.