Bakhtiari people

They are Iranian people who live in the southwest of Iran in the provinces of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Lorestan, Kohgiluyeh, Boyer Ahmad and Esfahan. Bakhtiari dialects one of the dialects of the Lori language. The Bakhtiari people speak Bakhtiari dialect, which is one of the dialects of the Lori language.

Historical evidence

The present land of Bakhtiari has been inhabited by various human groups for thousands of years.

Various evidence suggests that the ancient land of the people of Lor was inhabited tens of thousands of years ago.

Archaeological evidence

Archaeological excavations show that the human settlement dates back to forty thousand years.

The cultural remains of the Paleolithic, Celestial, Neolithic, and Urban sprawl occur in this area.

In the book, Summary of Art History is written:

From the Paleolithic Period of Iran, in exploring the cave in Tang Pabdeh (Bakhtiari Mountains in northeastern Shooshtar), tools and weapons from rough limbs (Hammer, Arrow, Blade, and Harsh), and in the Hemian, Mirmalas and Dashah areas of Lorestan, images of animals and humans It has been found on the rectangular rocks in black and yellow and red, dating back to about 15,000 BC. The owners of these works obtained their own food through collective hunting and fishing, and collecting roots and plants.