Gohar lake – Lorestan

There are two freshwater lakes called Gohar Up and Gohar on the southern slopes of Ashtaran Mountain, which are about 100 meters apart.

The lower lake is larger than the upper and the linear distance between two lakes is about 1600 meters. The Gohar Lake is at a height of 2300 meters and is 850 and 430 meters, respectively, from Dorood, Azna.

The length of the Gohar is about 2100 meters and its average width is 355 meters and its area is about 0.75 square kilometers.

As this lake is located in the protected area of ashtaran kuh, this lake can be found both in the city of Doroud and aligudarz.

The main area of the lake catchment area is Pahlavi, south of ashtaran Mountain, which is “Sunrise” with an area of about 45 square kilometers. The lake’s water is not limited to surface waters, and it seems that part of the lake’s water is supplied from the floor springs. The most beautiful and easiest way to reach this lake is from the Aligudarz, Khanabad,Tang tople  and then the walk to the Gohar, and the closest way to go to the lake is from the Doroud. The Aligudarz is a beautiful forest, but it is a rough and difficult road. The lake, known as the Negin ashtaran kuh, is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Iran and is located at a height of 2360 meters above sea level in the ashtaran kuh protected area.

Gohar Lake is a good habitat for aquatic animals and other wildlife. The coast is not suitable for swimming except for the entrance of the lake (western side) and its opposite side (eastern side), which has a sandy beach and suitable for swimming.

The most important fish of this lake are rainbow trout and red spot. Mammals such as goats, deer, rams, rabbits, jackals, foxes, boars, wolves, leopards, brown bears and wild cats can be considered as the most important species of ashtaran kuh.

The species of birds in this protected area is 195, most notably Quebec Dari, Taihu, Shaheen. Also, 30 species of reptiles and five species of amphibians were identified in this region.

 Varieties of snakes, such as viper or Gorgeous snake, also live in this area.