Jazmourian Lake – Sistan and Baluchestan

Hamoon Jazmourian is a subsurface 150 km west of Iranshahr, 350 meters above sea level.

Jazmourian lake consists of three parts:

  • Seasonal lake that changes in wet and dry seasons and disappears in most places late in the summer and early autumn.
  • Wet area that covers about 22% of the surface
  • Swampy area covering 59 percent of the wetland

Hamoun Jazmourian is at the center of a young tectonic suburb, located between the Jabal Barz Mountains (north) and Basha gard Mountains (south).

In the past, it was believed to be the southern edge of the Lut Bloc, but now it is believed that the Jazmourian is a kind of downhill subsidence in which the formation of the Omani oceanic subduction is submerged, as well as the operation of fault lines with Drowning, in particular the Basha gard fault complex, have played a role.