Saglxar Lake Dam – Gilan

The lake of Saglxar dam is located in the village of Saglxar, 15 km south of Rasht city and between Agha side Sharif road to Jirdeh of Gilan province.

The water of the lake is supplied from the atmospheric and spring fountains of the region. The lake height is 64 meters above sea level, the length of the lake is about 600 meters and its width is 500 meters.

The word ” Saglxar ” refers to the place where birds drink water. In the past, birds like Lake and starling came to this village and drink from the spring in the water, so the village is called Saglxar. The area of the lake is 15 hectares.

The cleanliness of this village is one of its important attributes. One of the main reasons for this cleanliness is the implementation of a plan by the Islamic Council of the village that upon arrival, when arriving, they receive three thousand tomans from the entrance tourists and give them a bag of rubbish Do not leave your garbage in nature and put it in a bag, if the bags of rubbish are handed over by tourists to the curator, they will be returned to them two thousand tomans this award and effective incentive have caused the existence of garbage in the nature of this village zero.

Access to this village is possible within 10 km of Jirdeh road, after the tomb of Agha side Sharif, Saglxar tourist village.