It is located in the high mountains of Iran, located in the northwest of the country and in Ardebil province. Sabalan is the third highest peak in Iran after Damavand at an altitude of 5671 meters and Alam Kuh at a height of 4850 meters, a volcanic mountain is inactive. The height of the summit is 4811 meters, and on the top of the summit is a small lake. Sabalan is attractive to tourists due to natural peaks of the mountain range, beautiful summer nature and Alvars ski resort. Also, some of Sabalan’s mountains are considered as the site of the Prophet of Iran (Zoroaster). An example in this book, Zarathustra, Nietzsche’s work, suggests Zarathustra’s coming down from Mount Sabalan. And from this point of view is a sacred and respected place that is even called among the natives and tribes of the region.

Mount Sabalan is located 35 km west of Ardebil city and 25 km south-east of Mesghinshahr city. In terms of administrative divisions of Ardabil province, this mountain is located on the border between the central part of Ardabil city and Lahrud section of Mesghinshahr city. This mountain is located 47 degrees and 50 minutes east and latitude 38 degrees and 17 minutes north. For this magnificent mountain, 60 km long and 45 km wide, the surface of which it is located in Azerbaijan is close to 6000 km2. Sabalan mountains generally have three famous peaks, it’s great peak is known as the Sultan, and the other two peaks are known as the haram and kasra.

The eastern part of the Sabalan Mountain leads to the peak of the Sabalan volcano at an altitude of 4811 meters. All peaks of Sabalan are covered with ice and snow every year.