Sahand The name of the volcanic mountain peaks in southern Tabriz, North of Maragheh and Hashtrood, west of Bostanabad and east of Azarshahr, Ajabshir and Osko, in the center of the province of East Azarbaijan. This mountain range has 17 peaks with a height of more than 3000 meters, the tallest of them is the peak of Kamal (Qoch goli Dagh) is 3707 meters high and is the highest point of the province that is located in the city of Bostanabad.

Sahand mountain range is famous for the mountains of Iran due to herbs, grass and meadows.

In his bosom, zamyadysht and zad’sprom are named from the mountain called “Snound”, which is located in Azerbaijan. In azar Geshsab, the place is located in this mountain; there is no evidence of the similarity between Sahand and Snound. On the slopes of the Sahand Mountains, the most beautiful alluvial valleys with villages, gardens and fields have been impressive.