Pars Hospital was founded in 1959 by a group of dedicated young European and US graduated doctors. Pars Hospital was the forerunner of all the Private Hospitals and Medical Groups which formed in time. They followed Pars’s path and initiated the spread of Private Medical Practice and Treatment as a group in Tehran initially and later throughout the country. At first Pars Hospital was situated in Avenue France comprising less than 40 private bed. As the practice improved and progressed, the Hospital was relocated to a new purpose built site in Elizabeth Boulevard (now re- named Keshavarz Boulevard). The new hospital comprised of a four- story purpose built construction comprising a space of 10,000 square metres within the centre of Tehran and easy access to clients.

The hospital has two cath labs, a Post Catheterization ward,   ICU,   CCU,   MRI, CTScan, a Dialysis Unit, a Radiology Unit and a very active fully equipped Pathology Department. There is regular on-going review of the facilities and equipment to keep abreast with new developments and the latest world standards. Pars Hospital benefits from central air conditioning and to avoid mid city pollution, the system has filtering and moisturizing facility. The operating suite has in addition extra bacterial filters. At present there are 188 beds at Pars comprising of    single    private   rooms, double    and    three-bedded wards.

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