Tehran Heart Center is an educational, treatment, and research center. The hospital boasts 11 operating rooms, 6 angiography units, and 1 hybrid operating room and is dedicated to all specialized and sub-specialized diagnostic and treatment modalities in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Annually, approximately 3500 open-heart surgical operations for coronary artery anastomosis, cardiac valve repair and replacement, and correction of congenital heart diseases are performed in the operating rooms in conjunction with nearly 15000 specialized procedures in the domains of interventional cardiology (angiography and angioplasty) and electrophysiology (EPS, pacemaker implantation, ICD implantation, etc.) in the Angiography Department. Additionally, procedures concomitant with surgery and intervention, which require state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled teams, are carried out in the Hybrid Operating Room. Moreover, the centers renders all types of highly advanced minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of the complex aortic diseases of the thorax (TEVAR) and abdomen (EVAR) as well as percutaneous placement of all types of cardiac valves (TAVI) in the Angiography Department and the Hybrid Operating Room.

  • Tehran Heart Center benefits from the expertise of full-time faculty members of Tehran University of Medical Sciences in training residents and fellows in cardiovascular medicine specialty and subspecialty courses.
  • Tehran Heart Center is unique amongst its peers inasmuch as it has 72 CCU beds, 144 post-CCU beds, 40 ICU beds, and 55 post- ICU
  • Tehran Heart Center proudly renders advanced interventional cardiology modalities.
  • According to an European Heart Journal, THC is a cardiac center of excellence.
  • Advanced medical equipment in operation rooms, in patient wards,imaging units

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