Visa for Iran Info page:

Using IR4T Visa Info page, you will be able to see all available Iran tourist visa options including visa on arrival and visa in advance.
Before applying for a visa, you may filter the most relevant information based on your visa status and Iran embassies/consulates in your country of residence.
Select your nationality and/or country of residence:

You may apply for your Iranian Tourist Visa “on Arrival” or “in Advance”:

A- Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA)

You can get your visa on arrival on the entry points. This way you don’t need to go through paperwork to get your visa application reference number and collect your visa from an Iranian embassy/consulate. Keep in mind, in this case you are required to show documents indicating your hotel booking during your stay in Iran. VOA is not available for journalists and military personnel.

B- Tourist Visa in Advance

Visa in advance includes two main stages:

1- Applying for Visa Reference Number

Reference number is a code issued by Iran Foreign Ministry after processing and approving the visa application requests. Getting reference number is the main step to get your visa however it should not be considered as the actual visa. You can get the reference number by yourself or through a travel agency. Go to how to apply!

2- Collecting Actual Visa

 A- Collecting Visa on entry points (on arrival): Having your visa application reference number in hand, you will be able to collect your visa on the entry points to Iran. You should declare the entrance border in visa application form.

Here are the list of some entry points: Tehran International Airport (IKA), Shiraz International Airport (SYZ), Isfahan International Airport (IFN), Mashhad International Airport (MHD), Tabriz International Airport (TBZ), Bazargan Land Border, Razi Railway Border, Anzali sea port on Caspian Sea. Usually it takes few minutes to get visa and there is no need to fill any extra application form. You have to pay Visa fee in euro. Visa fee is around 60 euros which may change.


a: While technically it should be possible to get your visa in other land/sea and railway borders, however we advise you to get your visa directly from the embassy if you are planning to enter Iran from other borders.

b: Advantage of collecting your visa on the entry points is that you can apply for your visa reference number while you are on the go and there is no need to go to any Iranian embassy or consulate.

 B- Collecting visa from an Iranian embassy/consulate:
Getting your reference number you should go to Iranian embassy/consulate that you have mentioned as the place from which you would collect your visa. You need to have your passport, two passport photos, visa fee (60 to 100 euros, depending on the embassy/consulate) and reference number. The reference number is used when filling out the second visa form at the embassy/consulate.

How to Apply:

Option 1- Do It Yourself:

  1. Fill out the initial Visa application form in the consulate or print it at your place and fill it out in advance.
    B. Provide the required documents (completed visa application form, original passport, 2 passport photos, travel itinerary, bank statement and your resident card (if you are living in a country other than your country of origin).
    C. Contact the embassy/consulate and confirm if you need to get any appointment in advance. Usually there is no need to book an appointment.
    D. Pay the Visa fee (for visa fee, please contact the embassy/consulate you want to collect your visa from).

Note: In some embassies you can ask to receive the passport including your visa by post instead of going to the embassy again. In this case, you have to provide an envelope and postal fees as well.

Option 2- Trough a third-party:

Based on your country of residence there could be possibility of applying for your visa through services of third party (Iranian travel agencies or any Iranian as sponsor). Keep in mind, the travel agencies play the role of host for you and they get only visa application reference number on your behalf. Then, you can collect your visa from an embassy/consulate or on the entry points to Iran:

a: It is recommended to get your visa through an Iranian travel agency, it not only takes shorter time (maximum 14 working days, for Americans, British and Canadians up to 40 days), but also saves you the trouble of more paperwork.

b: To use travel agency visa services, you have to pay them an amount that varies depending on the agency.

c: You should write the reference number on the second form to be filled out in the embassy/consulate when collecting your visa.

d: Any Iranian can be your host and follow up your paperwork.

  • Citizens of the following countries can travel to Iran and stay in the country from 15 to 90 days:
    Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, Malaysia
  • Citizens of the following countries should apply for the visa themselves:
    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka
  • Citizens of USA, England and Canada cannot independently visit Iran. They can visit Iran as tourists; they need to be accompanied with tour guide throughout their trip.