Since ancient times, Iran has been one of the most important countries in the advent of medicine. The traditional medical schools of Iran were so comprehensive. There are several well-equipped and high-quality hospitals and clinics in Iran. Also the physicians, nurses and all the health care team are trained and so popular in the region. Iran has got about 190 hospitals having licenses which actively and closely working on international health care services and providing medical and therapeutic services. Medical Council of Iran has got roughly 200,000 active physicians who started their job after passing short-term and long-term medical courses. Undoubtedly, there are few countries in the world with these kind of capabilities and competitive advantages. This caused traveling people from neighboring countries and other countries from all around the world to Iran at a much lower cost than their countries, with the aim of performing medical procedures and treatments such as IVF, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, any kind of organ transplants, ophthalmology, internal medicine diseases, cardiovascular (even open heart surgery), oncology, spine and neurology, neurosurgery, check-ups and so on.

Iran has been among few countries that has had the best hospitals, medical centers and high quality facilities available in the region and also in the world. Although Iran was not able to introduce itself to the world in the field of marketing and advertisement; however, it has a clear vision and policy for promoting on this sector in the future.

Additionally, in any aspects, Iran is a varied country. Climate diversity, the diversity of natural attractions, variety of historical and cultural monuments, ethnic and cultural diversity, tremendous geographic diversity makes Iran as a 4 seasons country.  Due to this diversity, Iran is well-known throughout the world. Iran’s culture is deeply intertwined with its long and rich history. Also Iran has been among the three most important regions that the civilization has emerged from it.