In the year 1336, the Ministry of Customs decided to establish a hospital in the Golestan area of Ahvaz in order to improve the well- being of its staff. After a lot of investment problems that prevented the hospital from starting at that time, after about 13 years of interruption in Shahrivar in 1349, the completion of  the project  was handed over to the time management of Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, and eventually on 27/07/1349 Trial, Welcome to the first patient. And to date, more than fourteen years of its uninterrupted activity, it has not only been able to address the medical and medical needs of the province and even the south and southwest of the country, but also effective steps in the education of health And the cultivation of qualified specialists.

In addition to training in the fields of Urology, Internal Nerves,  Radiotherapy, Oncology, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Angiography and Rheumatology in specialized courses, and Cardiovascular Surgery, Kidney

Transplantation, Nephrology, and Pediatrics in the above- mentioned field of existence. There is no need for physicians who are in need and have paraclinical parts such as nuclear medicine, linear accelerators, brachytherapy, MRI and C.T. Spiral, diagnostic laboratory and hormone lab. is. Special sections such as: I.C.U.Nuerology, C.C.U., I.C.U. heart, I.C.U transplantation and  I.C.U.  Neurosurgery also exists at this center.

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