Iran is famous for its unique variety of natural landscapes. Traveling around the country you will see endless hot deserts, tropical coastlines, dense forests, and plains. However, the hot and dry climate is reflected in the water coverage of the country:

Lakes are bodies of water in Iran that require to be explored. There are permanent and temporary lakes in Iran depending on the amount of water in them in different seasons.

You can find some popular Iran lakes and seas as below;

  1. Uromiyeh Lake.
  2. Zaribar Lake.
  3. Qom Lake.
  4. Neyriz Lake.
  5. Hamun Lake.
  6. Maharlu Lake.
  7. Parishan Lake.
  8. Shur Gel Lake.
  9. Valasht Lake.
  10. The Caspian Sea.
  11. The Persian Gulf.

The Iranian shore is mountainous, and there are often cliffs, elsewhere a narrow coastal plain with beaches, intertidal flats, and small estuaries borders the gulf.

There are some ephemeral streams on the Iranian coast south of Bushehr, but virtually no fresh water flows into the gulf on its south-west side. Large quantities of fine dust are, however, blown into the sea by predominant north-west winds from the desert areas of the surrounding lands.

Join us to enjoy these unique landscapes of Iran.