The cost of health care services in Iran is 65% less than the western European countries 50% less than Turkey and even less than India.

Iran health tourism has the honor to provide similar health care services in other countries with the lowest cost, shorter waiting times, the hospitals and clinics which are equipped with the latest technology in the world and best physicians. Health tourism is one of the sections that the country has the relative and competitive advantages in it due to having the hospitals, proficient physicians, medical infrastructure and the medical care with the appropriate standards.

The cost of health care in Iran is 65% lower than the western European countries, 70% lower than the United States, therefore patients from the neighboring countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan, Oman and Afghanistan come to Iran for the treatment.

On the other hand, due to the difference between the Iranian currency (Rial) and the foreign currencies, travelling and food purchases in Iran are very affordable for the tourists.


Iran as the safest country in the Western Asia, now has a special status among the countries of the region and even European, American and Asian countries. It is worth noting that Iran is very attractive for the most travelers because of the climate and geographical diversity, variety of historical and cultural monuments, ethnic and cultural diversity and tremendous geographic diversity which makes Iran as a 4 seasons country. 

Contrary to the misconception and the actions of some of the media trying to display insecure images of Iran, Iran is so safe and secure and also Iranians are so kind, friendly and hospitable, and the tourism experiences of the guests who have traveled to Iran tell everything. From ancient times, Iran has attracted other countries’ and civilizations’ attention. This intercontinental role has increased the effective role of Iran in the eyes of foreign observers. The guests may encounter with various cultures, tribes and religions which in this case, the trip would be much more attractive to them.

Travelling to Iran compared to most countries, brings some sort of health to the travelers due to avoiding alcohol.