In the section of angiography (diagnosis) and angioplasty (treatment), the heart, brain, kidneys, leg vessels, and etc. are performed using the most advanced and modern angioplasty device. With the diagnosis of coronary artery disease, an appropriate medication and diet are given to the patient if necessary, and in special cases angioplasty is performed by using balloon (short-term relief) or stent (long-term relief). Before performing angiography, it is necessary to perform ECO and exercise tests, which will be done in the clinic.

Along with the angiographic device, there are other required equipment, including ECO, ECG, ECT (for measuring blood coagulation time and dilution), which are the most modern ones.

The unique features of this section include manual angioplasty, rather than femoral artery, which is less common in other centers. The advantages of using this technique is to reduce the patient’s admission.

There are also types of balloons and stents of the day in the center, depending on the patient’s condition, such as age, diabetes and other cases, the appropriate type is chosen for each patient, in particular.

The angioplasty area is designed to provide a relaxed and low tension environment for the patient and the personnel. In this regard, the proper ventilation system in this environment is also very important.