Botox injection

As you would probably know, it is your face that would be remembered in the first impression. And that half of the charm is about the person’s face. Therefore, it is necessary for your face to be smooth and beautiful to keep you charming and beautiful. That’s why most people choose different methods to be beautiful.

One of the problems that might occur for anybody, is the wrinkles on skin. This alone proves that the skin needs care and attention. In some cases, and for some reasons, the skin might get old. In this article, we will explain about botox injection.

Some of the reasons for skin aging include:

  • Not taking enough care of the skin
  • Skin getting thinner
  • Bony changes on the face
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sunlight
  • Genetic issues
  • Skin diseases
  • Chemical pollutions

There are several ways in order for maintenance of skin beauty, but the most effective one that can easily remove the wrinkles and aging signs is botox. Usually people who intend to rejuvenate their skin and make their skin younger and beautiful use botox and get to a young and beautiful face in the least possible time.

The Botox

The poison of the clostridium botulinum bacteria would generally cause food poisoning. Botox is made via applying some changes in the structure of the poison of clostridium botulinum bacteria that causes enormous impacts on skin, if a little amount is injected. Botox is used for several matters. One of the most important applications of the botox is to remove the aging effect and wrinkles of the skin. In fact, botox disables the muscles temporarily and hence smoothens it.

Botox applications

Some of the applications of botox are:

  • Lifting the eyebrows

Eyebrows are important part of the face with a major role in the beauty. Maybe you wonder that what do eyebrows do for the body? On the most obvious roles, is the beauty, imagine someone without eyebrows!

But another role of eyebrows is to prevent sweat enter the eye socket. If we didn’t have eyebrows, the sweating of the forehead would easily enter eye. Thus, you’ll be beautiful if you had beautiful eyebrows. One the cosmetic changes for the eyebrows is to lift them up.

  • Reducing sweating in the armpit

Due to the problems and limitations of the medicine based methods (less effectiveness and more side effects) and surgery (invasive and expensive) it becomes clear that why the conventional methods applied till now were not so desirable; until that botox miracle made a huge development in this field, such that now the first line of treating the excessive sweating in the armpit, palms and feet is to inject botox (dysport) into the suffering area of skin.

This method is very effective, and it does not have the side effects and harms of drugs and surgery, it is noninvasive and there is no recovery time, it can be done in the office, it is simple and cheap.

  • Removing the horizontal lines on the forehead

The frown line in the forehead not only makes you seem older, but also shows you angry, bad-tempered and sad. Dr. Raziei, skin and hair specialist will determine the best treatment for you by accurate examination of your skin problem type and severity.

Two of the most effective methods for removing the wrinkles on the forehead and the frown line, include gel and botox injections. Both methods lead to elegant and totally normal result and need no recovery time after the treatment.

  • Treating local pains

Some believe that botox is only useful for removing the wrinkles on the skin, whereas it has various other treating benefits for other problems of the body.

The bacterium produce the poisonous clostridium named as botulinum type A, that is a dangerous poison and is known with its commercial name as botox. However, doctors use a low dose for treatment of several diseases (from cerebral palsy to depression).

  • Making the gum less visible while laughing

Usually there is no need to numbing for botox injection and if any, there is no problem with that. Injection area will be symmetrical and on both sides around the nosepieces and the injection result will be examinable after only a week.

  • Removing the wrinkles on the neck

For people with strong platysma muscle in the neck, some vertical strips are created on the neck skin and form an inappropriate appearance.

The lifting surgery in the neck area is not possible without lifting surgery on face and it is also expensive, hence botox injection to the neck is a proper choice for removing such wrinkles.

  • Removing the lines of face while laughing

Botox is one the most effective treatment methods for removing the laughing line. By proper injection of botox into the lines between the lips and the nose and also between the lips and chin, the muscles get temporarily freezed and the lines around the lips are removed. Botox is a treatment without side effects and does not require any recovery time.

  • Removing the wrinkles between the eyebrows

Frown line is one of the normal consequences of aging and the pressure on the forehead that sometimes appears on the forehead and causes an unpleasant appearance on the forehead.

The good news is that these aging effects can be totally removed by botox injection and the patient can enjoy having a smooth and brilliant skin.

  • Removing the wrinkles around the eyes

The wrinkles that gradually appear on our skin, not only count as a flaw for the skin, but also as a flaw in one’s appearance and charm. It is obvious that those wrinkles that appear around the eyes are a sign of skin aging. Even in the twenties the skin starts to lose its elastic capability and it can neither keep the moisture same as before, nor produce natural fat and by aging over time, the skin gets dryer and the wrinkles start to appear.