Cellulite and Local Obesity Treatment


Cellulite is one of the most common reasons for women (and some men) for complaining about their body beauty. More than 80 percent of women and 20 percent of men have cellulite. Cellulite is a part of skin structure and there is nothing you could do to amend it. It is a fact that the reason for creation of cellulite is out of your control. Most of people do believe that cellulite is an obesity problem and could be solved via diet and exercise, but in case of cellulite, the extra fat is not the only problem. Cellulite is a structural problem under the skin and the fact that how much you keep to your diet or how much you exercise has no effect on its treatment.

Cellulite creation factors

Three structural problems may cause cellulite. The first factor is the connective tissue bands under the skin around fat cells which can be hard and inelastic. The second one, the big fat packages being stuck by solid, strong bands putting pressure on the skin. And the third reason is the thin skin which apparently aggravates cellulite appearance.

Cellulite treatment using Exilis device

Using Exilis device for cellulite treatment is a noninvasive method approved by the FDA. This method takes advantage of radio frequency energy and works effectively on reduction of body fats, improvement of skin elasticity (fixing looseness and sagging skin) and reduction of undesirable cellulite appearance.

Till now, liposuction was the only way to reduce the fat volume on body (besides diet and exercise). In practice, there is a need to cut the body in this method and therefore a recovery time is inevitable. Nowadays there are several devices available that make use of radio frequency lonely or along with other forms of energy to treat cellulite, but none gives a highly desirable result. The reason behind it is that fat cells are clustered in body such that these clusters are kept as a connected network and there was no way other that liposuction to remove them. Exilis however, uses the energy of redio frequency to heat the deeper tissues and so increases the metabolism of the fat cells and minifies them. One of the most important features of this device in addition to removing local obesity, is its ability to tighten the skin in that area.

The proposed treatment program using Exilis is generally 4 to 6 sessions which are arranged once every two weeks. Number of sessions that would suit an individual is dependent on circumstances and the area on which, the treatment is to be done, and also the fact that what result would one expect. Treatment via Exilis is a slow method (since rebuilding of the collagen structure) and might take 2 to 4 months for the treatment to show its most effects. But patient satisfactions rate is high however, since after 4 sessions of treatment fortnightly, the patient can experience a size reduction of 4 to 15 centimeters by losing a volume of fat.

Advantages of Exilis

This method is studied in clinical researches and proved to be totally safe and effective and also has no side effects. Some of the advantages of using this method includes:

  • No pain
  • No need to any recovery time
  • No need to anesthesia, numbing cream or other care
  • Short sessions of treatment
  • Progressive results
  • Suitable for treating all parts of the body (fats around waist, breasts, face, double chin, neckline, arms, legs, hips and knees)

Removing fat using lipomatic device

Lipomatic is newest device in the world, created to remove local fats (lipolysis). The device is based on a unique technology named Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture. Using compressed air in this method, the canola will move in three spatial directions and by a nutational movement in the closed space, infrasonic waves will be produced and vibrated. Incorporating infrasonic waves with frequency less than 20 hertz, makes the lipomatic device the most harmless method of removing local fats in the world.

 Vibration of infrasonic waves removes the fat cells from their location and unlike the ultrasonic waves, which were used before for fat drainage, this method does not cause heat and burn at the entrance point of canola, tissue necrosis, rupture and perforation of the viscera.


  • Removing local fats from every part of the body, including double chin, neck, knees, shins and etc.
  • Removing fat from those parts suffered from fibrosis and adhesion because of former invasive and unsuccessful treatments of fat drainage
  • Removing abdominal fat without any need to abdominoplasty and removing the navel
  • Removing fat from people who cannot undergo general anesthesia
  • Removing fat from tissue suffering from cellulite


  • Using infrasonic waves to remove fat
  • Equipped with density-sensitive security system
  • No pain because of thymosin homogeneous solution injection
  • Increasing surgery speed
  • No need to general anesthesia
  • Less embolic risk
  • Fast gathering of the skin and no looseness and sagging skin effect
  • No need to stitching
  • Less infection risk
  • Having the latest valid certifications of the world, including ISO, CE, KFDA, FDA