Hemorrhoids, Fissure and pilonidal sinusoids treatment using laser


Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus area that may be created because of the high pressure that might be on those areas for various reasons. Hemorrhoid may be created inside rectum that would be called internal hemorrhoids or it might grow under the skin in the anus area that would be named external hemorrhoids. Its symptoms and treatment method is totally dependent on hemorrhoids type. Hemorrhoids are one of the common persistent diseases. about half the grown people will have hemorrhoids’ symptoms before the age of 50.

Hemorrhoids causes

Factors which may cause hemorrhoids are mostly genetics that makes the veins’ walls weak, varix and harder excretion (constipation). Other factors include pregnancy, high blood pressure and rectal cancer. Moreover, excessive obesity and longtime sitting habits are also involved in creation of hemorrhoids.

Drinking more fluids, using foods with high fiber (fruits, vegetables and whole grain), exercising, practicing to sit properly and constipation prevention are recommended to prevent hemorrhoids. As an example, having a diet with high fiber and lots of fluids will result in a more comfortable excretion. Also cutting on daily stresses is effective on disease recurrence.

Hemorrhoids symptoms

The most common symptoms of internal and external hemorrhoids include:

  • Itching and burning
  • Pain in the anus
  • Outcast of anus mouth while excretion or abdominal pressure
  • Bleeding

Hemorrhoids treatment methods

There are several methods for hemorrhoids treatment among which, we can count non-surgical methods below that can be used for early treatment of the internal hemorrhoids.

  • Tying rubber band
  • Scelrotherapy
  • Cryosurgery
  • Using laser or infrared ray

Surgical methods also can be used in order for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids in advanced disease stages, that are known as hemorrhoidectomy.

Hemorrhoidectomy using laser is a method taking advantage of laser energy to treat hemorrhoids. In this method, laser medicine is used for heating the troubled veins that makes them decompose. This method is a new one for outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids.

Most people choose treatment via laser, since multiple veins can be cured in this method simultaneously. Whereas in traditional method, an attempt to treat multiple hemorrhoids will result in probable stenosis in anus and further side effects. Moreover, a little recovery time follows laser medicine and it is mostly painless. Due to the fact that no stitching is involved in this method, no tampons inside anus are used and hence the patient will have a shorter and more convenient recovery period and after a short time, the patient will be able to get back to his/ her normal daily activities.

Fissure, fistula and pilonidal sinusoids

Laser medicine is also used for treating other similar problems such as fissure (schism), fistula and pilonidal sinusoids, that will be mentioned in the following. Using laser medicine for such diseases will too make the recovery time shorter and more convenient and enables the patient to get back to his/ her normal daily activities shortly after treatment.


The break or tear in the anal area is called fissure that might suffer heavy pain or bleeding while excretion. This problem is mostly common among women after giving birth, those who are anxious and stressed and also those who have a diet with less fiber and suffer from constipation.


Fistula is a tunnel-like thing under the anus skin and arises when an anal infection does not get proper treatment and results in an anal abscess. Fistula appears as a swollen in the vicinity of the anus. This swollen gets opened alternately and automatically and releases infectious or bloody discharges. Fistula is created whenever the abscess around the anus finds a way outside.

Pilonidal sinusoids (hairy cyst)

Pilonidal means nest of hairs in Latin. Pilonidal sinusoids cyst, disease, infection and abscess is a common problem among young men and a few of women. This disease accompanies little holes in the middle line of the natal cleft and mostly occurs in hairy people who sweat vigorously or fat people and those who have inactive job and travel often. At first, it might be a painless or inflated mass, but it will lead to pain and suppurative discharges when it becomes infectious.