Liposuction with Laser or Lipolaser

When can one undergo lipolaser (liposuction using laser)?

If you have some excess fat and suffer from sagging skin (which starts after the age of 35), liposuction with laser might be useful. If you have 20-30 percent or less overweight, then you might be a suitable candidate for liposuction of face, abdomen or other parts of your body. This treatment is not a proper solution for treating intense obesity. If you are in a good physical condition, most probably you’ll have a very good response to liposuction, because your muscles provide you a good support for the tissues.

Laser liposuction can be performed on the legs, knees, arms, abdomen, face and neck. It can also be used to remove excess tissue in the men’s chest.

Laser liposuction is the least invasive method and based on the fat amount that is to be removed, can be done under either general anesthesia or by injection of sedatives.

Laser energy softens the fat to remove it easier, moreover it heats the skin cells and so stimulate it for collagen production. Collagen is a main structural protein in the skin that its production diminished by aging over time. Therefore, the laser energy heals the skin sagging by increasing the collagen production and improves the skin appearance.

Pre-surgery care

You have to ask your doctor for advice on the instructions about before the surgery that whether it is necessary to avoid any particular kind of medicines or not? But yet, if you smoke, you would better put it aside before this or any other surgeries. Smoking will cause disorders in the healing process.

Post-surgery care

After about a week after the surgery, the treatment effects are clearly observable in the area. While in the case of liposuction through the conventional method, it takes more time to observe any changes. In addition to decreasing fats in the body, we can hope to improve tightness of the skin as well, after laser liposuction. However, it might take weeks or months before any significant changes in the skin would be observed, because producing new collagens takes time. Another advantage of laser liposuction is that leaves less bruise afterwards.

After 3 to 5 days of surgery, you can get back to your daily activities, yet you must avoid any extreme sports exercises.