Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the most common types of plastic surgery that can make a lot of changes on the face, nose surgery is technically known as rhinoplasty. You can change the shape of your nose and also improve its function via nose surgery.

People get nose surgery for two reasons, cosmetic and Medical reasons. Unfortunately some people suffer from some problems with their nose which affects their heath and they need to treat it with a surgery on their nose.

Deciding on a Nose Job

If you are thinking about getting a nose job, set up an appointment with your surgeon to discuss it. During that meeting, talk about your goals and tell the doctor what bothers you about your nose and how you would like to change it.

Keep in mind to have logical and reasonable expectations from your nose gob. You can make noticeable changes to improve your facial beauty; in fact, these changes enhance your appearance.

A plastic surgeon can describe the facial features that make you unique and after evaluating suggests the best type of the nose than can double your beauty. Keep in mind that the type and structures of your nose are important in the form of the nose for the surgery, so do not ask for unrealistic expectations from your surgeon.

A good surgeon discusses with you the time to see the final result, costs involved, and the best form of the nose considering the structure of it.

Nose job Procedure
You can get general or local anesthesia. People getting general anesthesia, will sleep through the operation. But with local anesthesia, you are unable to feel the pain.
There is no need for you to stay in the hospital. You can be released a few hours after the surgery by evaluating your overall health. Nose surgery does not necessarily need to be done in the hospital, it can be done in a clinic or a doctor’s office that can influence the costs involving the nose job.
After a nose job
You will have swelling and some bruising around the eyes after surgery which is normal, so there is no need to worry. After surgery, your doctor may place a plastic or metal splint on your nose. The splint will help your nose retain its new shape and swelling and bruising improve as soon as possible.
Nose Job Recovery
The recovery period after nose job is different for each individual and you cannot think of a definite time for that. People should have a recovery period based on their nose type and its care after nose job.
Generally nose can be fleshy and bony. Each of them has its own characteristics that can make a lot of changes during and after nose surgery. It takes for People with fleshy nose to have longer recovery time.
Fleshy nose surgery
The significant differences between fleshy and bony noses are in the kind of surgeries for each of them. The surgeon has to determine the type of nose before nose surgery and then chooses the best surgical procedure appropriate to the patient’s nose. Fleshy noses have more limitations in comparison with bony ones.
In consultation with your surgeon before the surgery, the surgeon should check the nose by examining the thickness of the skin and the cartilage. During this type of examination, it is necessary to consider the thickness of the skin in order to choose the type of the surgery. The fleshy nose is of weak cartilage, so the surgeon cannot make the nose smaller than it is possible.
People with fleshy nose should not expect fantasy nose job, because In addition to bad form, it can cause respiratory problems. Surgeons should consult with people who have unreasonable demands for nasal surgeries and convince them to choose the right type of nose.
There are many negative rumors among people with fleshy nose that can dissuade them from having surgery. These imaginations and rumors are completely wrong. The only limitation these people have to do with nasal surgery is that they cannot make their nose excessively smaller, and they need to have longer recovery periods to see the final result. If you choose your nose surgeon carefully and follow all the nasal care that is prescribed by your doctor, you will certainly enjoy the result of your nose surgery. Those with fleshy nose should wait patiently to the result. The surgeon strengthens nasal cartilages during nasal surgeries and creates the best appearance of the nose by augmenting them.
Advantages of fleshy nose surgery
Improve Appearance
The person’s face becomes more beautiful
Facial symmetry improves
a person’s confidence Bolsters excessively
The quality of one’s life increases
The surgeon makes the nose smaller by displacing and strengthening the cartilage. It should be noted that in the nasal surgery, small incisions are made to the lower bones and the skin tightens to create an ideal appearance for the nose.
Bony nose surgery
Bony noses are required to enhance their appearance by surgery. The appearance of bony noses is in a way that anyone can recognize their nose type. Bony noses are most commonly accompanied with bumps. The nose bump in bony noses, in most cases, is transmitted genetically and hereditarily to the person. Fortunately, nose bump is easily resolved by using nasal surgery. People with bony noses can make a lot of changes and improve their appearance by removing their nose bump. The surgeon can act freely while operating bony noses and the nose surgeon can do the nasal surgery according to people’s taste. Those with bony noses can expect fantasy nose job from their surgeon.
Anatomy of bony noses
In bony noses, the upper third of the nose is made of bone, and the lower two-thirds are cartilaginous, the area in which the nose bumps is seen, is this part. In fact, bumps are on the bridge of the nose. These types of noses have thin and ideal skin that relatively reduces swelling and bruising after the surgery. If you have a bony nose you can see the final result comparatively earlier.
Result of bony nose job
Bony noses are the best type of noses for fantasy and natural nose surgeries. The surgeon can perform the operation considerably according to the patient’s will and should be noted that a good and professional nose surgeon must first and foremost take into account the proportion of the nose with other components of the face. Surely, fantasy nose is not beautiful on a masculine face and can have negative consequences. At this stage, it is necessary that a good nose surgeon can, by providing logical reasons, change the person’s view towards the form of the nose.
Bony Nose job Procedure
During this type of surgery for removing the nose bump, all bones and, of course, nasal cartilage should be removed to eliminate any bumps and humps on the nose. Your surgeon will make cuts to separate and lift the skin in order to provide enough vision for surgery. The ideal form of the nose is created by fracturing the extra bones of the nose. Bruising seen after the surgery are because of the fractures during the operation.