Prosthesis of Different Body Organs

Prosthesis is one of the beauty methods for shaping and plumping the organ by putting a soft and flexible object. Prosthesis is used for different body organs and gives them a special beauty. Most people suffering from topical weight loss use prosthesis. The prosthesis can completely eliminate the weakness and debility of the organ and make the appearance or face of the person more attractive.

Chin prosthesis

Chin prosthesis is common in people with a very small chin or in those with no angular in their jaw. The type and size of the selected prosthesis for chin should be performed under the supervision of the doctor. Physicians have a high level of precision, so that the prosthesis is not bigger than normal and does not disfigure the appearance of the face. Chin prosthesis is usually done alongside nose surgery to make the beauty and charm of the face even more.

Cheek prosthesis

Skin prosthesis should be placed due to the thinness and fatness of the face and age of the people. Usually people with skinny faces comprise a high percentage of the patients for cheek prosthesis. Cheek prosthesis is done from inner side of the mouth and then absorbable sutures are used to prevent having later problems after surgery.
Gluteal prosthesis
The hip prosthesis should be durable and lasting, considering that it is done in a larger area than the other organs. The gluteal prosthesis can be placed under the buttock skin or underneath the muscle. The gluteal prosthesis helps shape the buttock and makes it more beautiful. It also makes a big difference in the body’s overall appearance.
Breast prosthesis
Among all the prosthetic surgeries performed among various parts of the body, breasts prosthesis are among the most popular ones widely accepted by women. Breast prosthesis can be of two types; Silicone or saline (saltwater) prosthesis. Among these two, silicone prosthesis is more durable and lasting so that it is used more than the other one.