Reconstructive and Breast Cosmetic Surgeries

Reconstructive and breast cosmetic surgeries are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed on ladies around the world that sometimes are even performed on men, according to the physical conditions. For women, the breasts’ being beautiful and in shape is of high importance and is directly effective in her self-confidence. Breasts beauty can be influenced not only over time, but also while breast feeding and other factors that may cause them to apnea. Several surgeries can be performed to return its former normal shape.

Breast lift

In breast lift surgery which is performed under anesthesia, the doctor tries to return the breasts to their initial and original shape and location by lifting it up. While this surgery, the excessive and loose skin will be removed entirely and the breasts will have a better condition compare to its former situation.

Breast prosthesis

Breast prosthesis is another one of novel and recent methods used for highlighting and getting breasts in shape to improve it to a flawless appearance. The substance used for prosthesis must be selected carefully so that would do no harm to the patient.


It is interesting that the breast cosmetic surgeries are not just for augmenting forming them, but it is also used to minify them too. Mammaplasy is one the best methods used to make the breast size in women smaller, by removing fat tissues and excess skin in that area.


Gynecomastia is the proposed treatment method for those men suffering from abnormal breast size, which is a result of excessive estrogen hormone that can be healed with this method. In the surgery, the excess amount of skin and halo around breasts are removed.