Removing skin lesions (pigmented) using laser

Skin lesions

Direct radiation of sunlight, environmental factors and passing of time causes dark spots, aggregation of pigments in skin (pigmented), moles and freckles in body. Face, hands and chest are the parts that are exposed to such lesions more than the other, since they are more exposed to sunlight. Pigmented lesions including freckles, mole, pregnancy spots and also spots remaining from some diseases, especially tattoo, can be treated using laser medicine.

Removing pigmented skin lesions using laser medicine

At the moment, using laser medicine as a means to remove such lesions have proved to be very successful. In the Sun Eye center, the laser technology Q-switched ND YAG is used to remove these lesions. Using this technology, energy of the laser can be selectively radiated and absorbed by aggregated pigments.

One of the advantages of the laser technology is that it can aim the pigmented area accurately without doing any harm to its surrounding area. Therefore, pigmented lesions on face, neck, chest and faces can be effectively and harmlessly treated. Exploiting laser would also enable excitation and creation of new collagens which helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tissue.