Removing Vascular Lesions of the Skin

Removing vascular lesions of the skin using laser medicine

Vascular lesions, like congenital spots, telangiectasia (small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin), hemangioma (eclipse), varix, reticular vascular moles, angiofibroma, gibbous and inflamed epidermal moles can be cured using laser medicine. In this method, an intense ray of laser gets absorbed by the red blood cells in the blood vessels. The thermal energy created by the laser damages the blood vessels, but since the tissue around vessels barely gets any fraction of such energy, it does not get affected and hence, there is a very little risk of wound and tissue harm. The laser devices used in Sun Eye center reduce the damage risk to the skin around the desired area to the minimum, since a specific cooling spray is used to cool down the skin surface a fraction of second before laser treatment.

Advantages of using laser medicine to remove vascular lesions

Varicose veins (in the feet and hands) has involved millions all around the world. Formerly, varix treatment was only done via expensive and painful surgeries, but nowadays, this treatment can be done easily and totally as outpatient.

About 80 percent of congenital spots can be bettered by laser. The response to laser medicine depends on color, depth and the location of the spot. The arteries made by telangiectasia on the face and nose skin will too response well to the laser medicine and a clearing rate of 70 percent is even achievable via multiple laser treatments. In other cases, if the initial results would be desirable, the treatment will go on, until complete recuperation is achieved.