NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

Among the services provided in this section are phototherapy, oxygen therapy, baby placement under the respirator, monitoring, replacement of blood and blood transfusion.

The features of this section include proper care and the use of the best quality of nutrients for newborns. Also, all equipment are advanced devices in this section. Another feature of this is the presence of a mother’s room that allows the mother to have boarding-time and is provided free of charge.

All doctors in this department are specialist and pediatric specialist and a specialist doctor resides 24 hours a day. Meeting in the NICU section is possible throughout the day with the coordination of departmental officials.

Features of this unit:

  • 24-hour pediatric and neonatal attendance at the hospital to treat infants in acute conditions
  • Full equipment according to the standard in unit

  How to schedule visitors to attend:

     Contact the relevant department to request an appointment or change it.