The Ophthalmology Department of the contracting hospitals is one of the major departments that operates under the supervision of Iran’s University of Medical Sciences. We try to preserve the gem of vision in this group. Our doctors are ophthalmologists trained in various specialties.

The ophthalmology group is one of the most active specialized groups of hospitals, which has provided significant services to improve the quality and quantity of patients’ eyesight.

In the ophthalmology department, provide up-to-date and efficient services that are in line with the technology of the day and thousands of patients refer to the hospital annually.

Advanced Medical Innovations

Our mission is to solve problems and treat eye diseases and improve vision. Our ophthalmologists are taking steps to make this happen, using their own scientific expertise and the use of the latest tools and equipment.

Commitment to research and knowledge requirements

Ophthalmologists have taken high strides to improve ophthalmic knowledge in order to investigate the cause, prevent ocular diseases and the effectiveness of treatment of eye diseases, and have conducted numerous studies on macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye and low vision at all levels.