Iran is one of the pioneers in the treatment of various types of orthopedic diseases around the globe, and Iranian orthopedists are very famous in the world. Therefore, many patients come annually to Iran from all around the globe, especially the Gulf and Central Asia, to diagnose and treat orthopedic diseases, because the success rate of orthopedic treatments in orthopedic medical centers of Iran is exceptional.

Also equipment, facilities & medicine for treatment the orthopedic diseases are easily available in Iran, and selected Iranian hospitals and clinics offer exceptional orthopedic care and advanced treatments.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce that Iran Medical Care is committed to providing you with the best medical orthopedic services for all types of orthopedic diseases, as well as various types of tourism services.

The below orthopedic services are providing by the orthopedic department of Iran Medical Care;

  1. Spinal Surgery
  2. Hand & shoulder surgery
  3. Knee replacement surgery
  4. Pelvic surgery
  5. Foot and ankle Surgery
  6. bone tumors surgery

Additionally, the use of medical tourism packages that Iran Medical Care has prepared for you and you can check and select them in packages is highly recommended.