Terms and conditions of medical centers accepted by health tourists

Target: The achievement of the country in a favorable situation in the field of health tourism in the international arena based on the prospect of the law of the social, economic, and social development program of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Health tourism:

Traveling people from one country to another in order to receive medical services in the hospital or outpatient sector are health tourism.

Types of health care services offered to health tourists:

  1. A) Outpatient:

All services are provided to check the diagnosis of the disease, paraclinical treatment and treatment to patients in less than 24 hours.

  1. B) Hospitalization

All services provided by the patient for a period exceeding 24 hours. Conditions of medical centers accepted for health tourists:

  1. General conditions:
  2. 1. Having legal licenses
  3. 1. Having a certificate of at least grade 1 rating, during two consecutive years, taking into account the first year of operation

3-1. Giving a privileged degree in evaluating the hospital in the relevant department

4-1. Minimum grade one in ICUs including CCU, ICU, PICU, NICU in Hospital Evaluation

2) Personnel:

2- a) Professional staff.

  1. The age of the medical reputation of the specialist is confirmed by the Associate Professor of the relevant university
  2. There is no violation case

2-b) General Staff – Nursing:

  1. Compliance with the international standard for each bed in the relevant hospital
  2. Provide nursing care on the basis of current approved nursing standards approved by the Ministry of Health in the relevant department.
  3. Presenting public and specialized nursing practices based on existing modern nursing standards approved by the Ministry of Health in the relevant department.
  4. Specialized nursing interventions approved by the Ministry of Health by a nurse with a minimum degree of expertise
  5. At least one clinical nurse (expert and higher) has a valid English certificate

3) Medical equipment:

The presence of healthy and active equipment in accordance with the standard stated by the Ministry

4) Geographical condition:

1-4) Easy access to road and air transportation facilities

2-4) The presence of hotels with standard approved by the Ministry of the Interior and the organization of tourism at the closest distance to the hospital

5) Side conditions:

1-5) The presence of a fluent English interpreter and in accordance with the language of the patient for guidance at the time of admission, hospitalization and hospitalization of the patient’s presence in the hospital

2-5) The possibility of international communication for the patient (telephone and internet)

3-5) The existence of a 24-hour pharmacy to provide the drugs and equipment needed by patients inside the hospital

4-5) The existence of an electronic recording system for all patients’ records and the monthly submission of patient information to the Deputy Health and Treatment Department of the Ministry of Health

5-5) Records of paraclinical reports and delivery of summary records according to international standards in English

6-5) Having electronic and non-electronic versions of the brochure to introduce the services to be provided Center and cost of service in English

7-5) Having a website approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education

6)The criteria of the web site of the tourist center

1-6)Announcing the website of the center to the health tourism secretariat

2-6) Introducing the medical specialties approved by the Ministry for admitting health tourists and detailed descriptions of the therapeutic abilities of each of those specialties at that center.

3-6) Introducing specialist physicians about their records

4-6) Determine the average length of hospitalization for each treatment process separately

5-6) Determining the tariffs for each treatment process, as approved by the Ministry.

6-6) Determine how to pay for health tourism

7-6) The existence of the forms of patient admission and the record of the discharge of the patient according to the form provided at the health tourism site, including the patients’ characteristics, the length of stay, the cost of the medical disorder on-line.

8-6) Determine the complaints process to deny the dissatisfaction or failure of treatment by health care provider

9-6) Patient Survey Screen

10-6) The existence of a map and determining the geographical location of the hospital and how to access it

11-6) Provide a description and introduction of the tourist attractions of Iran and the area where the hospital is located

12-6) Possibility of accessing and consulting a patient with a doctor through the website is possible to conduct post discharge follow up through the website.