Ali sadr cave

One of the wetlands in Iran is one of the few blue caves in the world. Ali sadr is also the largest blue cave in the world. This cave is located at the height of Sari Qayah, near the village of Ali sadr in the city of Kabudarahang in Hamadan province. The height of the cave is 2100 meters above sea level. The cave area has numerous corridors. There is a large lake inside the cave, and so penetration into the cave depths is possible only by boat. Ali sadr Cave is one of the tourist attractions of Hamedan province.

Ali sadr cave is the 23rd national work of iran that was listed by the cultural heritage organization on 4 January 2009.

The main entrance of ali sadr cave is located in the village of ali sadr, which belongs to the city of Kabudarahang. The cave is also located 75 kilometers northwest of Hamedan in the Zagros Mountains, according to the longitude of 15.3 degrees, 35.18 degrees, and latitude 18.8 degrees and 48 degrees, and height is 1980 meters above sea level. The region has a Semi dry weather climate with an average annual precipitation of 300 ml.

Sailing in the cave

What distinguishes ali sadr’s cave from other caves in the world is the ease with which the water channels within it can be easily traversed and rolled out by ordinary boats from within them.