Katale Khor Cave

Cave is a dry land located in Zanjan province, Khodabandeh, 80 km south of Kidar and 173 km north of Hamadan and 410 km from Tehran and 5 km from Garmob city. In some western regions of Iran, they are referred to as the low mountain ” Katale “, and it is possible that the sign of this cave is the one that is located on one of these mountains and the sun raises from behind and instead of the sun it is called. The building is located below the Mount Katale Khor and runs downstream of the crater of the river, which is a subsidiary of Gezlouzon. The cave is formed in a rectangular area of 1500 × 2000 m. In this location, the mechanical air-flow function and internal forces together have created a number of cracks or cross-faults in the interior space and, due to the provision of other conditions, the cave Creation has begun. The cave crater is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, and its height difference is 50 meters from the height of the fountain, which drains the freshwater from the cave to the river’s shor. The cave section is about 2 km straight, just 1/3 of the entire cave which also used for general public. The cultural section of the cave is located in the southern part of the cave. The main part is a natural hallway used to hold various ceremonies. The hallway has no way out and the way out is artificial, but the hall itself is completely natural.

This cave is a limestone that is visible in some places in clay and soils containing iron oxide and is about the same age as the Ali sadr Cave in Hamedan. These two caves are different from two directions; one is that Ali sadr Cave is a cave full of water, while the katale khor Cave is almost dry cave. The limestone is much purer than the limestone of the Ali sadr cave, which is a factor in the beauty of the cave, because the pureness of the lime makes them transparent, and as a result, the light passes through the cresset. An interesting point about the katale khor cave is that the evidence shows that this cave ultimately connects to Ali sadr cave in Hamedan. Another wonder and beauty of this cave is the number of floors that such caves in the world are very insignificant. The cave is believed to have 7 floors which only 3 floors have been discovered so far.