Quri Qala Cave

The largest middle eastern cave with a history of 65 million years which is located in Kermanshah province. This cave is located 25 km from the city of Jananrood, on the slopes of Koh shah (Shahu Mountain), overlooking the Ravansar-Paveh Road and in the village of the same name.

The length of the cave is 12 km and its deep down is 3140 meters and has been recorded as one of the seven natural national works of Iran. In 1975, a group of English native speakers and in 1976 another group of French cavers explored and discovered portions of the cave of five hundred and fifty meters.

In the 1981, a group of Cermanshahi cavers discovered and discovered new sections of the cave to depths of more than three kilometers.

The depths of the ponds of this cave are up to 14 meters. Also, the temperature in the cave is 7 to 11 degrees, and in all seasons is constant. This natural effect has beautiful halls in 1400 meters and 500 meters, called the Maryam Hall, the Camel Hump Hall, the Barzah Route Hall, the Crystal Hall and the Bridal Hall. This cave is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city of Javanrood.

In terms of biology, the cave is a rare species of bat called the mouse bat.