Maranjab desert

Address: Maranjab Caravanserai,Aran and Bidgol 50 km Northeast Aran and Bidgol Lake – Isfahan – Iran

Maranjab desert is located in the north of Arran and Bidgol city in Isfahan province. In addition to the natural beauty of the desert, this desert region is covered with varied plant and animal specimens that make the environment very attractive to nature enthusiasts. Maranjab was originally the name of a caravanserai and aqueduct that was built during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi, and then the surrounding area is known as the desert of Maranjab. Following the construction of the caravansaries, the supply of water needed for it was a requirement.

Maranjab Desert is one of the most beautiful desert points in Iran. The long sandy hills and the forests of the arch provide a beautiful effect to this area. The Aran and Bidgol Lake salt lake and the Sargardan Island are among the other landmarks of the region.